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Unique Handmade Jewelry

After twenty-five of experience, I still think that the best way of selling handmade jewelry and handcrafted unique gifts is to participate in art and craft shows. They will know you the artist better and they will have a better feel of your handmade jewelry creations.

For handmade jewelry artisans just starting out there is no better learning experience than craft fairs. Meeting your customers face to face, knowing what they are looking for and what they want is the foundation of a successful handmade jewelry business. You will quickly learn what your target market is and what niche market you should focus on.

You will discover the best way to display your handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and handcrafted necklaces as well as meeting other local craftspeople. If they have been doing craft shows for a while they will know all the shows in the area that are worth doing and steer you away from the fairs that are a waste of time.

Necklaces, Earrings, Handcrafted Bracelets, Rings, Pendants & Coins

These are very competitive so make sure your handmade jewelry is of the highest quality possible. Juried shows are more expensive to exhibit at but these shows attract thousands of people who are interested in all types of handmade gifts.

It depends on the type of handmade jewelry you are making and if you can produce enough earrings and bracelets at a reasonable price for store owners to sell well in their shops. If you make really unique jewelry that has high quality and good prices, you will be able to make much more money overall if you decide to offer your handmade jewelry to the wholesale jewelry market.

Lately I have noticed a lot of handmade jewelry artisans on the internet. While it is inexpensive and relatively easy to make your own handcrafted jewelry website, it takes a great deal of time and effort to rank well in the search engines. There is nothing better than having someone ooh and aah over your jewelry, not just leaving a comment to get a back link.